Watershed Health

Watershed Health

Riparian Conservation Easement Program

Sonoma County Ag + Open Space is launching a new program to expand its conservation efforts to protect—and in some cases enhance and restore—critical streamside and floodplain areas throughout Sonoma County. In addition to Ag + Open Space's core work developing conservation easements on entire properties, they are now piloting a program to develop easements on portions of agricultural properties that are home to streams and riparian habitats. Ag + Open Space will be working with private landowners through a voluntary, incentive-based approach to protect creeks and streams with conservation easements. The Sonoma County RCDs are helping Ag + Open Space connect with riparian landowners and provide technical assistance for riparian management.

Learn more about the riparian conservation easement program at Sonoma County Ag + Open Space here.

See our recommended list of educational resources about managing, conserving and protecting riparian areas here.


For more information, please contact Will Spangler: or (707) 823-5244.


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