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Thank YOU for donating to the Gold Ridge RCD.

We give heartfelt thanks for your generosity in donating to the Gold Ridge RCD. We could not do this work without a community that cares.

Your contribution means the world to us. With this, we will continue to gather our community in an effort to address the drought, improve water quality, locally adapt to and mitigate climate change, enhance salmon habitat, promote healthy soils, and educate our youth about the value of stewardship.

Your generosity makes it possible to work with public and private landowners to find win-win solutions that protect and conserve west Sonoma County’s precious natural resources. Formed by farmers and civic leaders 75 years ago, our RCD works with a wide range of stakeholders to come up with practical solutions that benefit everyone.

Gifts to the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District are tax-deductible. The Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District is a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 170 (c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our identification number is 94-2466509.
No product or service was given for this donation.

We appreciate your confidence in our work and look forward to reporting back on our shared successes throughout the year.

Full of gratitude,
The Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District

With the help of donors like you, this past year we have:

Addressed Drought by installing rainwater catchment projects totaling 621,000 gallons of stored water per year, and increasing stream flow in Dutch Bill and Green Valley Creek for salmon survival with the Coho Partnership.

Improved Water Quality in the Laguna de Santa Rosa by working with dairies to reduce nutrient pollution through the LandSmart program.

Addressed Climate Change by preparing carbon farm plans for our farmers and ranchers and by providing landowners with the tools they need to be drought resilient.

Enhanced Salmon Habitat by increasing water instream, improving rural roads, installing large wood habitat structures and winter refugia habitat, fencing livestock out of streams, and repairing and replanting erosive gullies.

Promoted Soil Health by providing a no-till rangeland seeder to landowners to seed their property in a manner that conserves fuel, increases soil moisture and improves soil fertility.

Engaged Youth & Families through 10 guided school field trips for 3rd-6th grade children to explore our local agriculture and ecology, as well as two family-focused outings to hike and taste the bounty of our local farms.

Shared the News of the many heroes here on this land. “Farming for the Future” debuted in the Press Democrat in April with six stories of local farmers across the county who steward the land with future generations in mind. More resource conservation news is shared in our monthly e-news and annual newsletter.

And with your help, we can do so much more in 2017.

Thank you to our donors.

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