Water Conservation

Water Reliability Program

Funding for Small Scale Water Storage Projects to Improve Streamflow

Gold Ridge RCD, in collaboration with the Coho Partnership, is seeking eligible landowners for participation in a voluntary water storage program in Green Valley and Dutch Bill watersheds.

roof plumbing leading to rainwater catchment tankThe primary goals of the Gold Ridge RCD's Water Reliability Program is to increase the amount of water flowing in our streams during the summer dry season and to assist landowners in developing more secure and reliable water supplies. We achieve these goals by partnering with landowners on projects that provide alternatives to drawing water from creeks and shallow, near-stream wells during the summer. Using stored water instead of creek water in the summer means that wildlife in the creeks have just a little bit more. The Gold Ridge RCD and the Coho Partnership have funding to assist landowners in reaches of stream where healthy salmon habitat is most critically needed--where salmon carry out some of the most sensitive parts of their lives, such as spawning and rearing their young.
Residents who source water from creeks and shallow, near-stream wells in the upper reaches of these creeks may be eligible for funds to design and construct water storage systems with the RCD. Storage systems include rainwater catchment, off-channel storage in tanks or ponds, and water use efficiency projects.

Read the Program Brochure

Fill out the Program Application to be considered for funding

Find out if your home is in a reach of Green Valley or Dutch Bill Creek served in the Water Reliability Program. Use the map links below. If your home or well is within or very near to the blue buffer zone, you may be eligible for assistance and funding. If you are ineligible through the program, we still encourage rainwater conservation projects wherever possible, and recommend these skilled, local contractors for the job.

Upper Green Valley Creek Map Green Valley Creek above the Atascadero confluence and its tributary Purrington Creek. Roads in this area are Green Valley Rd, Graton Rd, Bones Rd, Upp Rd.

Dutch Bill Creek Map Green Valley Creek above Tryone Bridge and its tributary Lancel Creek. Roads in this area are Bohemian Highway, Morelli Lane, Camp Meeker neighborhood, Hampton Rd, Heather Lane, Harrison Grade.

For more information, contact Adriana Stagnaro at or 707-823-5244.

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