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Gold Ridge RCD wants to help students of all ages to explore and connect with water in their world. Water is fundamental to life--as the great Jacques Cousteau said, “the water cycle and the life cycle are one”! How we care for water--drop by drop, from streams to rivers, from under our feet to over our heads—is a measure of how we care for our community, our environment, our economy and our future.

Water awareness and water conservation go hand-in-hand for Californians. There are many educational resources for teachers and students within our district that help explain the water cycle, waterways and wildlife habitat, water conservation and water pollution.

Gold Ridge RCD encourages students and teachers to get Water Wise:

Gold Ridge RCD’s Water Wise Community Partners:

Rain Catchers Water Conservation at Your School with the North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council

Gold Ridge RCD has partnered with the North Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council to educate students about the benefits of roof rainwater catchment as a water conservation measure during and after the drought. Three Sonoma County schools have participated in their “Rain Catchers in Your School” program in the last two years to educate the student body and develop catchment systems. These systems gather rainwater from one or more roofs on campus, store the winter rainwater in large volume tanks, and irrigate school gardens and landscaping in the summer. These systems teach students many lessons about the natural sciences, and most importantly inspire creativity in water sourcing, storing and usage.

Schools interested in developing a rainwater catchment system on their campus can apply to have the Council and the RCD assess their school’s potential. Schools with appropriate sites may be eligible to receive the financial and technical support in order to build a system!

Educational Classroom and Field Visits with the Sonoma County Water Agency

The Sonoma County Water Agency, our partner in conservation and education, outreaches to schools to present on water topics such as the water cycle and hydrology, water conservation action, wildlife habitat in aquatic ecosystems, and preventing water pollution. Get in touch to have the Water Agency visit your school.

More Resources:

Classroom Poster Downloads

The Water Cycle Poster for Kids (grammar school)

The Water Cycle Poster (middle school and older)

Community Water Uses Poster

Posters and Other Materials from the Sonoma County Water Agency


First Books about Water

“What Ollie Sees: A Story About Stormwater” by the City of Nampa, Idaho Environmental Compliance Division

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