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Before Resource Conservation Districts assisted in the management of all natural resources local to their district, they were Soil Conservation Districts, as preempted by the the great Dust Bowl event of the 1940s. SCDs were created to conserve and protect the health of our nation’s soils as the foundation for agricultural health and stability.

Today, Gold Ridge RCD still assists in managing our district’s soil health by offering soil and manure sampling services, completing projects that prevent and treat soil erosion, and developing sustainable pasture and rangeland management plans. The RCD also rents out a special piece of equipment called a non tillage drill which conserves vital soil microbial health while sowing seed. Newer services provided by the RCD also include the development of carbon farm plans (strategic planning for farms and ranches to curb and sequester greenhouse gas emissions) and the improved availability of resources related to using the specialized material Biochar on the land.

Soil Friendly Farming Practices informational sheet from the USDA's NRCS.

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